Who we are?

Managed Build is a building company located in Coogee, New South Wales. As builders in Sydney, we tackle a wide range of construction jobs. Our company specialises in everything from creating bespoke modern homes to completing extensive renovations & extentions. We are fully licenced and insured.

You are welcome to view our licence on the Fair Trading web site, Builders Licence number 322610c. We provide Home Owners warranty insurance, workers compensation and contractors insurance including public liability.

We are very focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, in fact it’s what drives us.

What makes us different?

                 Jack and Elliot.

Our years of experience and a strong client base have taught us one thing. To thrive in this industry, building companies must maintain a strong commitment to customer care. We demonstrate this dedication in all our projects. No matter what type of project you have, when you choose Managed Build, you can expect:

Hand-Picked Sub-Contractors

Whatever project you have, it is important to have  the most qualified crew. That’s we employ subcontractors who are best in their field. It allows us to ensure that our clients get the results they are looking for.

Our sub-contractors are experienced & manage every project with attention to detail on all Managed Build processes. Our contractors build on the knowledge they have picked up from years of experience & we only use true like minded professionals.

Highest Standards in Project Management

As Eastern Suburbs home builders, we know the risks that sometimes come with this line of work. That is why we aim for complete transparency. Our clients can expect us to address any potential issues before they become major problems.

We deliver consistent management and supervision of our sites. With a high focus on project management, we work hard to ensure that everything is running smoothly. This includes making sure that safety and quality standards are met in a timely manner. Organisation is one of our priorities. We pride ourselves on thorough and consistent documentation of the entire process.

Bespoke Solutions

 Every client and project we work with is unique. Therefore, we will approach each task with a fresh perspective. 

For our clients, bespoke solutions can entail a wide array of solutions. We take care of your project so that you can get on with life & work whilst we take care of everything. With us, you won’t have to worry. If you can think it we will build it. We can manage the whole process from design to cost plans to budget, we do custom well whilst keeping an eye on spend. 

Time Efficiency and Excellent Value

You’ve heard it before – time is money. This saying can be especially true in the building industry. If you have a time-sensitive project, you can depend on us. We specialise in delivering projects in a quick and efficient manner whilst maintaining quality & safety standards. Unlike many companies, we are able to effectively complete our jobs with efficiency and quality.

Throughout our years of experience, we have come up with the most efficient methods to ensure quality, safety & speed all combine.

Respect for You—And Your Community

We recognise that no one wants to be the neighbour having construction done to their home. If not done with consideration, construction can be excessively messy and noisy. As local builders in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, we value respect and consideration for you and your community.

Managed Build completes  projects whilst ensuring all site staff & contractors respect your neighbours. We keep our sites presentable & clean, we work towards minimum disruption for the surrounding local area. We honour the important relationships you have with your community.

Our Background

      Rob Meddich

Managed Build has been built on a strong foundation of experience and commitment to customer care. The company was founded by the owner, Rob Meddich, who brings a rich background that makes our company what it is today.”I am a second-generation builder and have been in the building industry for about 30 years. I started as an apprentice carpenter and joiner. From there, I went on to complete my Certificate IV in Building and Construction and obtain my builders’ licence. In the last 30 years, I have worked on many different types of projects, both large and small. These projects have ranged from iconic public venues to bespoke prestige homes on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour. I have worked on small residential extensions and renovations in Sydney, as well as developed sites including multiunit residential. I have  worked with some of the most highly regarded architects in Sydney.  I have also spent a great amount of time working in some of the most prestigious commercial building companies in Sydney. I believe this vast diversity of experience provides me with an advantage over many other builders. This experience ensures the most current methodology is utilised. There is nothing wrongwith the old-fashioned way of doing things, of course, but there is always something to learn from the past. From my experience in the industry, I have been able to take what has worked and revise what doesn’t. I combine this knowledge with my adaptation of newer methods and ideas. It allows me to contribute the best possible solutions to almost any building problem. Having such diverse experience provides an advantage in management for risk, cost, safety, quality & timing”

Core Values

One can determine the worth of any company based on their core values. At Managed Build, our core values include:

Ensuring honesty and transparency

Striving for complete client satisfaction

Upholding client confidentiality

Adhering to strict project management principles

Fostering community

Maintaining good working relationships with integrity

We are committed to honesty and  transparency. 

We believe it’s how we can create lasting bonds within the building industry. Our connections to our clients and other businesses allow us to provide the best service possible.  We believe that client satisfaction is paramount to our success. Quality  is what we strive to achieve. The client’s best interests are what drives our decision process. We aim to be flexible and give everyone an opportunity to get the building or renovation they rightfully deserve.

We maintain that a client’s privacy and confidentiality is not negotiable. We are open with our clients and keep them informed throughout the whole process. We want everyone who works with us to feel comfortable during the project. We also value your input & welcome any questions you have, we strive for your complete satisfaction with the results.

We implement a strict management process during a renovation. This is especially important when working in a built, sensitive or live environment. A large part of this process is the strict selection, vetting, and management of subcontractors. Our contractors are the best of the best. We will work tirelessly to ensure the successful completion of your project.

We go above and beyond to ensure neighbours and businesses within close proximity to our projects are not affected by our works. We believe that maintaining these relationships is vitally important to the success of any construction project. Our clients expect us to abide by our promise to take extra steps to respect their neighbours during the process. We will deliver nothing less.

We ensure strict compliance with building codes. We also strive to maintain good working relationships with all consultants, designers and approval authorities. Maintaining our good standing with other professionals is part of our dedication to running a business with integrity. We also, of course, want to keep everyone safe while working to achieve the best results possible.