Bondi Builders Elevate Existing House with Clever Top Floor Extension

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Look no further. “Nothing is Impossible” – How we Use Cranes for Top Floor House Rebuilds in Tight Spaces

The project featured in this video is a top floor home extension in Coogee. The purpose of this video is to share how as builders we think outside of the box on small building sites. For this project, we used a unique crane that was able to move freely under the power lines. The best way to get the materials up quickly without having to cut them into small pieces (resulting in slower, costly, and lower quality work) was to use this crane.

Rather than realising after the walls and roof were completed, we planned ahead. This project is a clear demonstration of clever operations in tight environments. We use specific cranes for effective work solutions when we encounter unusual problems in tight spaces. Nothing is impossible – there are always great solutions for unusual building challenges.

Building a Top Floor on an Existing home: Extension Builders Costs & Budget for Bondi and Coogee

Rather than clearing backyards for extensions and rebuilds, Bondi and Coogee (Sydney) homeowners are looking skyward. Will a top floor extension be costly and logistically impossible? As we say, nothing is impossible – and the costs may surprise you. Builders are thinking creatively to turn ‘impossible’ builds into beautiful luxury custom homes.

For example, using cranes on building sites to move materials under powerlines and safely onto the second level. During a recent top floor extension in Coogee, access to the top floor was limited. So, we hired a special crane and lifted the building materials (including massive glass windows) to the top-level before closing the exterior walls and roof. Problem solved. The special crane we hired was able to be manoeuvred under power lines and strong enough to lift everything. This prevented us from having to cut the materials into smaller pieces which would have cost us and the homeowners time and money.

Scroll down to see our team in action in Coogee and learn about two-storey extensions for Sydney homes – including budget help.

Luxury Top Floor Home Extensions (in Tight Spaces)

Cranes on Building Sites, Luxury Custom Home Builders in Sydney Bondi Junction.

Why give up your beautiful suburb and home when you can extend upwards? The only problem is you may find some builders say it is impossible to do the job. We say – nothing is impossible as your leading bespoke home builders in Sydney.

Speaking of bespoke, supposedly impossible projects. Have you read the November issue of Inside Out Magazine? We were honoured to be a part of such a unique home’s transformation, and see it featured in the magazine. We created outdoor spaces by removing sections of the top floor plus a full renovation across three levels. Grab the magazine to find out more and stay tuned for our December blog for more on this wonderful project!

Increasing Access with Cranes on Residential Building Sites

Walking materials in through the front door is not always an option – unless you are willing to have the materials for your house cut into smaller pieces. Cutting into smaller pieces takes longer and reduces the quality of the materials. As we always think ahead on our jobs, we knew we would need to move materials upstairs before we framed the roof. So, we came up with a better alternative. Using specialist cranes on our building sites to lift building materials to the top level is a clever solution that our team has found to be very effective(*2). It is no small task but with all hands on deck, perfect management of logistics and health and safety(*3), it can be done.

An ‘Uplifting’ Day

Watch our builders using a crane to move materials (including massive glass panels) up to the top level of this residential building. You will also see that we blocked the road to protect pedestrians, managed traffic and efficiently unloaded and moved deliveries from the delivery trucks (that all arrived at the same time).

Cost of 2 Storey Extension in Sydney: Budget Help for Homeowners

What is surprising for most homeowners to discover is oftentimes, adding a second storey is cheaper than building out(*4). This is because laying new foundations can be quite costly. On the plus side, second levels can add value to the property by increasing the liveable space.

A conservative estimate of what Sydney homeowners are currently paying is between $3,500 and $5,500 per square metre. Sydney attracts higher costs so set your budget within the top end of this range. In addition, builders keep facing inflation of construction costs which has upped the price of building(*5). Keep in mind the costs you would face if you had to move (including stamp duty, real estate fees and the actual cost of moving house). Building a second storey protects your backyard, lets you stay in your home and suburb and gives you the freedom to design specifically for your needs(*6).

Managed Build is innovation leaders and experts in building bespoke homes. Talk to the team today about your extension and remember – nothing is impossible.

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