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Does your home need a bathroom ensuite? How about a pool for summer? Are you looking to do an extension to accommodate guests or older family members? Quality renovations start with quality design, engineering, surveying, soil testing and of course – the builders you choose.

For new builds and renovation projects in the local Coogee area, don’t look past our professional team.

Start Renovating!

Complete Home Renovation Building Services

We do all the heavy lifting so you can get on with work and life. From design, consultations, approvals, to calculating how many bricks you will need, we can do it all. It is our job to ensure your renovation:

• Runs smoothly and safely
• Is managed efficiently and professionally.
• Has quality finishes.
• Sticks to your budget.
• Is finished on time.

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Licensed Renovation Builders

As home renovations builders, we are prepared for the simplest to the most complex renovations. We know that the success of a renovation relies on quality in every aspect of the construction process(*1,2), including:

• Providing our clients with accurate and detailed cost plans.
• Clever management of the site, materials, and resources.
• The quality of the work of every tradesperson on site.
• Our ability to communicate effectively with you and each other.
• Builders being respectful of you, your family, and your neighbours.
• Using proper safety systems.

Renovations That Seamlessly Tie Into the Existing Design

Adding rooms or living spaces to existing homes comes with unique challenges. These include:

• Matching new materials to existing materials.
• Meshing finishes seamlessly to ensure the extension looks as though it has always been there.
• Protecting the home from damage from workers and the weather.

Sites with Limited Access

We are accustomed to working in built-up areas with limited site access. For such sites, we take extra care when scheduling deliveries to ensure:

• Builders do not get blocked in by a build-up of stock.
• Our client’s and their neighbour’s driveways are kept clear.

In the case where something does need to be moved or tended to, your request will be respected and actioned immediately.

Old to New Renovations and extension on Victorian Terrace Houses, working on the interior

Builders You Can Trust and Rely On

We are a very easy-going team, and we are attentive to your needs and lifestyle. Our builders are trained to show the utmost respect and we conduct ourselves in a professional and friendly manner. We ensure:

• We protect your privacy and respect your home.
• We only use trusted subcontractors vetted by us – no unsavoury looking characters on our sites, only trusted professionals.
• The site is kept clean and well presented. No-one likes coming home to a mess or having your neighbours complain about the mess left around the site.

When you are renovating, builders are going to be in and around your home every day. When choosing your builder, look for someone you get along with and who you trust. Not only are you trusting the lead builder, but you are also trusting their judgement on who is in their team.

Security and Liveability During a Renovation

Simple details can make or break the experience you have with your builders. For example, parts of the house may need to be covered with a tarp overnight. Improperly fitted tarps flap in the wind causing a headache for you and your family (all night long) – and they are security risks. It is in these finer details where the experience of your builder makes a difference to the security and liveability of your home during a renovation.

Your Local Builders

We are Coogee’s trusted builders for all residential projects. We do not just show up on-site and do the minimum amount of work to get paid. Why? Because we value our clients, their neighbours and because we are also local people! Coogee and the surrounding areas are a part of our community. We pride ourselves on having:

• Clean worksites.
• Dedicated and friendly team members.
• Positive and personable communications with neighbours.
• Strong relationships with consultants and engineers.
Completely satisfied customers.

Australians LOVE Renovating (Including Us!)

We are proud of our renovation and extension projects – and we are just as excited about seeing the final result as you are. Renovations are now an age-old Australian tradition and something just about all of us love(*3). If you need an expert to help with your renovation or take care of it completely, we have you covered.

We leave no stone unturned. In addition to mandatory reports, we also conduct our own quality report to be 100% sure everything is in perfect condition.

What do you need renovated?

Get one step closer to seeing your renovation dreams come true – Phone Rob and the Managed Build team on 0414 499 422.



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*2. Thomas, E. 10 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management–And How to Address Them. Plangrid. 2019.
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