High-quality Home Renovations Services in Randwick

At Managed Build we believe that your home is a true reflection of your personality. Our team of bespoke builders and consultants specialise in home renovations and offer the highest quality of customer service to all clients. Our team understands your requirements and aspirations and gives you a personalised home.


Why Choose Managed Build?

With years of experience in the construction industry, our portfolio of projects in the Randwick area exhibit our expertise and skills in delivering the best quality buildings, home renovations and home extensions. At Managed Build, we know true home building and renovation is about understanding the requirements, aspirations and studying habitation patterns of the homeowners chosen functionality and aesthetics. Our team ‘s first step to home building and home renovation projects in the Randwick area is to focus on the client’s needs.

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We are the Randwick home builders who understand you and your budget and deliver you a quality project based on your schedule. Our aim is to give our clients with luxurious home which offer functionality and aesthetics.


Our Range Of Services

As one of the leading builders in the area we offer building and design solutions for a wide range of projects such as the following:

Customised New Homes

Rennovations To Existing

Dual Occupancies

Exetensions & Alterations

Multi Residential


How do we perform home building or home renovations?

At Managed Build, we consider the process of home building or home renovations as an opportunity to make our client feel special and involved at every step of the process.

Define every room or space

Before undertaking the home building or home extension project, our home builders study the environment and the various factors linked to the space or area including Randwick area restrictions. This helps our team to create a bespoke design plan suitable for your home and location.

Authorisation and preparation

We offer our design solution to our clients and ensure the plan suits their requirements and aspirations before proceeding with the construction stage. We are also known to give our clients a smooth and stress-free experience by taking over the legal responsibilities such as Randwick construction permissions etc.

Remodelling your new home

When it comes to performing home renovation projects, we perform the remodelling jobs to the existing area to accommodate the latest design. Based on the specific requirements of the project, our home builders ensure an efficient and high-quality job including new fittings, furnishes, plumbing and electrics. We give you a complete product, you’ll be proud to live in. 


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As one of the best builders in the area, our track record is second to none, especially when it comes to project management. When you entrust us with your project you can be sure that you will be getting the work delivered to you on time. It does not matter what kind of project it is you can be sure that we will take care of each step of the project starting right from design and through to construction.