Commercial Home Builders in Woollahra

Managed Build is one of the best commercial builders in Woollahra. We are always here to help you out with every construction or renovation problem. Our qualified builders us either problem -solving capabilities to design a living space reflecting luxury, functionality and aesthetics.

We have a team of experienced home builders working for us with proficient knowledge of market trends and technical skills. Our portfolio of projects in the Woollahra area exhibit our expertise and skills in delivering the best quality home and commercial buildings, renovations and extensions. At Managed Build, we know true home building and renovation is about understanding the requirements and aspirations of the client.

Our professional team will inspect your site, consult with our architect and designers provide you with a design plan that suits your budget and preference. We know what a dream building project can do for a building or site that’s why we do not leave a single stone unturned to make sure the building appears to be just the way you wished for.

Transform the space with extensions 

With Managed Build you will on the journey to your dream building project with us. Your house extensions and renovation work will be specially personalised to your needs and aspirations. 

  • We give you a vision

We want you to give you a space which you can truly call your own. Our team offers a customised design solution to our clients without compromising their vision or aspirations. Classic, modern or ornate, your desire is what we aspire to create for you. 

  • We take you on a journey

    All our home building, extension or commercial building projects have one thing in common – a collaborative decision approach. Our team works with you through the process to understand your needs, answer your queries and happily gives you an insight into your dream project. 
  • We advise for the best
    Our team suggests solutions based on area specifications, client budgets and suitable schedules. We incorporate design trends suitable for your site and space. And give you the perfect project at the end. 

Get in touch with Managed Build for residential and commercial building in Woollahra projects. Experience your dreams come true!