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Managed Build: Quality, Value, and 30 Years of Experience

Your Trusted Sydney based residential home builders and construction company, specialising in architectural building, extension and renovation work to heritage, new and existing homes. We are the best custom home builders and renovators because we consistently deliver:

• First-class new house builds.
• Premium quality renovations.
• Reliable remedial works that stand the test of time.

If you are looking for ‘builders or home renovators near me’, you are in the right place. We are based in the eastern suburb of Coogee and service the eastern suburbs, Inner west and Sutherland Shire of Sydney.

What Makes us Different?

We are heavily focused on customer satisfaction and quality. Our volume of work is limited to ensure each client and project get the attention they deserve and to ensure timely completion. We ensure our jobs are always supervised. Supervision is key to amazing results and faster builds. We believe limited supervision can only ever provide limited quality results.

Our clients trust us to provide them with peace of mind when they hand over their homes to us to build or renovate. We follow a strict process to maintain quality across every project type.

Your trusted accredited builders

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Guaranteed Quality Workmanship on Every Build and Renovation

We offer a range of services for a variety of building projects.

• New builds
• Extensions
• Renovations
• High-quality finishes
• Bespoke modern designs
• Project management

Click here to find out more about our construction services. If you want to talk with our trusted builders directly, feel free to contact us on 0414 499 422 or send us a message.

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Terrace Renovation with Raised Timber deck extension from modern whiite kitchen

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If you’re currently living in a home you adore, in a neighbourhood you love, but the space isn’t serving the needs of your family, it may be time to think about renovating. A renovation means you can achieve a home that suits your unique needs, without having to pay for things like moving, selling and buying new. Learn more and press on the button below.

You’ve no doubt seen the results of rushed renovations, where an older home has been renovated with poor quality materials and little consideration has been given to design or aesthetic principles. This can be avoided by hiring a quality builder who will take a bespoke architectural approach to your renovation. In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to achieve a bespoke architectural renovation. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Your Trusted Extensions and Renovation Building Company

Our reputation as Sydney’s trusted home renovation company is something we are proud of. There are a few key things that make us different.

1 > Attention to detail.
2 > Respect.
3 > Experience.

As professional renovators, we understand that a successful project has multiple moving parts that all must work seamlessly together. We are attentive to your needs and ensure your budget is maintained without reducing quality. Your family, home and neighbours are respected during the renovation. You will notice our experience and professionalism shines through from our first meeting, experiencing how we manage small sites, to our final quality reports.

Victorian Terrace Heritage Home Renovation and Extension builders in Sydney

Historic Homes and Terraces

Sydney is filled with historic heritage homes that require strict guidelines to be followed and renovated with the utmost care. From engaging heritage consultants, developing designs, approvals, completing and finalising the renovation, we can take care of the process from beginning to end. All we need is to get to know you, your needs, and your vision. We take the stress and worry of heritage home extensions and renovations away so you can enjoy the process.

• Terrace House Renovations and Extensions
Heritage Homes, Manors and Mansions

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New Builds – Multiple Storeys, Split-Levels

Looking to build a new home? We are experts in our field, and we work with you to ensure what you have imagined is built to rigorous standards. We are fast, well-organised, safe, and clean. We only use contractors with exceptional work ethics, fine skills, and good values. Our history of satisfied clients and successful projects means, you can relax knowing your home is in safe hands. Need inspiration? Explore our project gallery for ideas and to see our work first-hand.

• Custom Designed and Built Split-Level Homes
• Single and Two-Storey Duplexes

Core Values

One can determine the worth of any company based on its core values. At Managed Build, our core values include:

• Striving for complete client satisfaction
• Upholding client confidentiality
• Adhering to strict project management
• Fostering community
• Maintaining good working relationships with integrity  >>  Learn More 

six Frequently asked questions & answers for builders

Embarking on your new home building journey can be overwhelming and stressful at times – you want to make sure you find the best builder for your dream home. We’re here to get it right the first time with two generations of experience, to ensure that you have a smooth and successful home building journey. So, we’ve created a list of the most important and frequently asked questions to ask your builder.

1. Are you a licensed builder?

This should be the very first thing you ask the builder. Building a home is a costly and time consuming project, that should be done right the first time. Choosing a licensed and professional builder will undoubtedly be more expensive than unlicensed, in more ways than one. The professional builder of your choice needs to be trusted, to minimise risk and mistakes.

2. Are you financially secure?

Building a new home is a significant investment. It may be one of the biggest investments you make in your life! This means that you’re placing a lot of faith and trust in your builder. The worst thing that can happen during your home building process, would be if your builder suddenly declared bankruptcy half way through the build. Check the builder’s financial status and credibility to ensure that they’re financially stable and that all your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

3. How will your builder ensure a quality build of your home?

Your dream home should be built by the best and most experienced builders and not by one who causes anxiety and stress during the build process. Go with a builder that ensures only the best quality, has a process to build your new home and one that always sets high standards by having an on site manager while they build.

4. How will I be kept informed throughout the building process?

You should expect continuous updates and reports from your builder at every stage of your home building journey – choose a builder that keeps you informed of each stage of the build. Your builder should be 100% transparent and communicative during the entire process.

5. When can you start and how long will it take?

You need to know when construction will start on your home and when completion is expected, so you can move in. This will help you plan where to live and how to spread out your finances in the meantime. However, it’s important to note that the dates presented to you are a rough estimate, as factors outside of the builder’s control – such as weather, can cause delays during the building process.

6. How long does the warranty period last?

Another important sign to look out for in a good builder is the warranty period that they offer. If it’s a year or more, you can be sure that the home builder is confident in their work and that they will guarantee it will hold up to your standards, well after the completion of the build with no further call outs to fix problems overlooked.

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