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Home Renovations and New Builds in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

We are proud to be considered one of the top builders in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We are a dedicated team focused on home construction, renovations, and extensions. From breathtaking heritage homes to glamourous mansion renovations, our professional, hand-picked team raise the standard in homebuilding.

As one of Sydney’s pioneer construction companies, we strive for perfection in all projects we undertake to ensure:
• Hassle-free customer experience.
• Quality of work.
• On-time delivery. 
Our expertise covers renovating and expanding heritage, modern, terraced, and free-standing houses, construction of newly designed custom houses – and beyond.

Heritage Home Builders – Old to New Property Transformations

 Renovating heritage homes is an art that requires respect and experience.

We Have Heritage Home Renovating and Restoration Experience

Our specialist team has worked on countless projects across Sydney including heritage properties and bespoke homes. We have the abilities and experience to turn tired homes into beautiful spaces personalised to your:

• Aesthetics.
• Function.
• Budget.
• Heritage Approvals.

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Heritage Homes Managed Build Infographic. Renovating Heritage Homes is an art that requires respect and experience.

Avoid Common Pitfalls During Your Heritage Renovation

The last thing you want is your builder removing something that should not be removed. For example, removing or damaging a façade off the face of the building. This kind of preventable blunder could result in a court-ordered injunction to stop-work pending a new heritage report.

When renovating a heritage house, you want someone who works with the heritage consultant to make sure your precious property is not de-valued. Heritage Council of NSW and Sydney council regulations and reports must be followed to maintain the integrity of the home(*1,2).

Heritage Grants: If you have received a grant to restore or make changes to your heritage home, be sure to work with a builder who will follow the grant guidelines exactly(*3).

Managed Build works alongside heritage consultants and we always refer to heritage reports before anything is removed or changed.

Specialist Skills for Historic Homes

In addition to quality craftsmanship and exceptional planning abilities, historic home renovations call for a specialised skillset. Quality of work is measured differently to new builds because heritage homes call for period styles to be honoured and maintained. Modern ways of doing things can stand out and make the renovation look tacky.

What Happens if There is an Injunction During a Heritage House Renovation?

Where damage has occurred to a heritage home, an injunction may be enforced to prevent further damage. In this case, usually, two or three heritage consultants take 6-8 weeks to write a new report. This process can result in a hold up in works for 6 months(*4).

We spend ample time on planning and ensuring the project is:

• Viable.
• Considers neighbouring properties.
• Complies with all regulations and codes.

Why Choose Us for Your Specialty Renovation?

As a home building firm in Sydney, we are simply unparalleled in our problem-solving capabilities and specialise in the following:

• Remedial building work.
• Restoration.
• Heritage works.
• Alterations and renovations.
• Home design.
• New home construction.
• Home extensions and additions.

Enquire Now To Start Renovating and Remodelling Your Heritage Home

Front Elevation Facade of a Mansion Renovations. We Build Home Extensions and Renovations.

Prestigious Mansion Renovations

When it comes to multi-level mansion renovations, you must have a builder with both an eye for detail and who can hold onto the bigger picture. Planning must be a key trait because an oversight in material orders, deliveries and other resources can make or break a budget and timeline.

The Managed Build team pride themselves on their planning skills. Before one brick is laid, every element of the renovation is meticulously detailed. Engineers, architects, heritage consultants and other specialists’ professional expertise are respected and followed to ensure a successful outcome.

Whether you are rescuing a Sydney mansion that has fallen into disrepair, restoring a mansion to its former glory or modernising, Managed Build is Sydney’s most trusted specialists. Additionally, not a lot of builders have experience with large budgets. Budget oversights do not happen with us because we have decades of experience and expertise in managing budgets of all sizes.

The Managed Build Promise

Our promise of quality and attention to detail is relevant for every project we undertake – no matter how small or big the project is. Managed Build gives 100% to everything. From building a new house on a steep slope to making your heritage house more contemporary. We show up on-site on time, treat neighbours with respect and deliver quality builds that last.

As one of the leading builders in the area, we offer building and design solutions for a wide range of projects such as:
Customised New Homes.
• Renovations To Existing modern and historic homes.
• Dual Occupancies.
• Extensions & Alterations.
• Multi-Residential.


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With our support, you can choose the right renovation, rebuild or extension for your home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Our collaborative teamwork will provide quality, planning and perfection.

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