Home Building & Renovations Tips (From Sydney’s Best Private Builders)

Best Quality Good Home Builders in Sydney 2021, Building a Home or Renovating?

Before we move onto the 4 Quality Tips directly from our Builder.

Let’s take a look at A Day in the Life of an Eastern Suburbs Sydney Builder

Here is a light-hearted look at what goes on during a renovation build.

Join Rob Meddich from Managed Build, as he takes you on a tour onsite. He shares in real-time how his team work together on a renovation.

The video shows in detail how well surfaces are covered for protection and zip-up plastic doorways are used to protect each section of the build from dust and debris.

Every day, Managed Build travel across Sydney to work on bespoke home renovations and new builds. No two days are ever the same but there are a few things that always remain consistent:

• The team conducts themselves professionally.
• Every property is cared for as if it is our own home.
• Working seamlessly together.

Cutting the concrete into smaller sections allows for the cement blocks to be transported easily.

Building a Home or Renovating? Get a Head Start with 4 Quality Tips Direct From our Builders

As Builders, we are always busy building quality new homes and completing stunning renovations across Sydney. Given their decades of experience, we figured they were the best people to ask for the top four building and renovations tips. We have also had people ask, “what is it like being a private builder?”. In today’s blog, we are going to answer that question as well. Rob and the team take you behind the scenes at a worksite in the Eastern Suburbs. Meet the team and get a sneak peek at the variety of work our builders do each day.

What is a Private Builder?

Private builders are often also referred to as custom home builders. Like volume builders, they can work off a standard plan. They can also create custom homes and often work on irregular shaped or sloping blocks(*1).

Four Home Building and Renovations Tips

So, you are looking at building a new home or renovating your existing house? Where should you begin? There are so many ways to approach building projects – to the point where it can feel a little overwhelming. We have put together a few tips to help you get started on your building or renovating journey.

1. Why are you Building or Renovating?

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with materials, sizes, and quotes and overlook the original reason for building.

• Did you decide to build new because you need more space for a growing family?
• Have you moved to Sydney to start a new job?
• Are you renovating to expand the liveable space in your home or refresh it since the kids moved out?

When faced with decisions during your build, remember why you started the project. Keeping things in perspective can help to keep your project in line with what you originally wanted. It can also help you avoid budget blow-outs(*2).

2. New Home Building and Renovations Budget

Best Quality Good Home Builders in Sydney 2021, Building a Home or Renovating? 4 Quality Tips Direct From our Builders

Speaking of budget blow-outs, what is your budget? How much room for movement do you have? A crystal-clear budget will:

• Help you stay within budget.
• Enable your builder to advise you on what elements of your design may be more (or less) economical – and offer suggestions(*2,3).

3. Building the Best Home for Your Block of Land

If you have an unusually shaped block or incredible views, the last thing you want is your deck to be facing the wrong way. You are going to be looking for a private builder who can help you build the perfect house for your unique block of land. Building a pre-existing plan on a block that it doesn’t suit can cause headaches for you, your builders, and your budget(*4).

• Plan and design your home (or renovation) with your builder. You will be able to build a gorgeous bespoke home that compliments your land and the surrounding area.

4. Protecting Your Home During a Renovation or Build

Best Quality Good Home Builders in Sydney 2021, Building a Home or Renovating?

While renovating or building, there will be parts of your home that need protecting. Ask your builder what procedures they follow to protect your existing appliances, walls, and cabinetry from knocks, scratches, and dust(*5). This seemingly little detail can save you from having to fix or replace damaged items after the builders have finished.

The Managed Build team are proud of their commitment to delivering high-quality new home builds and renovations to homeowners across Sydney. For the best workmanship, professionalism, and service, contact us today.

Phone 0414 499 422 or contact our friendly team online.

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