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Exquisite Contemporary Homes on Sloping, Narrow, Small and Large Blocks

As one of Sydney’s best architectural home builders, it is our passion to provide you with a beautiful home. We are highly experienced in knocking down and rebuilding houses to architect plans. For us, there are no limits. We can build on sloping, narrow, small, and large blocks. Whether your home is being rebuilt to:

• Utilise natural elevation on your block.
• Incorporate unique features of your land seamlessly into a new design, such as the block’s shape.
• Better accommodate your specific needs, climate, and conditions.
• Completely change the aesthetics and style of your home.
• Be sustainable and more cost-effective.
• Give you a brand new home in a much-loved neighbourhood.

We build distinguished and luxurious architectural homes that balance unique personalisation’s with modern and stylish aesthetics.

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Knocking Down and Rebuilding a House for Investment

If you have bought a house, you may decide that redeveloping the home is the best course of action to maximise return on investment(*2). Starting from scratch allows you the opportunity to build a home (or homes) perfectly suited to the local built and natural environment.

Architect Home Build Sydney, Best Knockdown Rebuild Sloping Bock

Why Knockdown and Rebuild Your Existing Sydney Home?

Why build a brand-new home in a suburb you have grown up in or grown to love? There are many positives to knocking down and rebuilding including being a part of every step of the process of building your dream home. You can also stay in the suburb you are accustomed to. Rebuilding avoids:

• Having to move children to different schools.
• Saying farewell to neighbours who have become friends.
• Moving away from family.
• Extending the work commute.
• Giving up land that is growing in value and paying stamp duty on buying a new house elsewhere(*1).

To Renovate or Rebuild? – Complete and Final Quotes (No Hidden Fees)

If you have not yet decided between renovating or starting from scratch, you are most likely looking for accurate price models to compare. What makes this tricky is the issue that many builders do not provide a final and complete cost at the time of quoting. This can leave you wondering what the actual cost is going to be and may mean you have to compromise on your design.

Our quoting process is highly regarded because we take the time to do a thorough analysis of the project from top to bottom. With a comprehensive quote, you can more easily personalise the build with high-quality finishes and personalised features – without exceeding your budget.

Architectural home build Sydney, Best Knockdown Rebuild Sloping Bock

Step 1: Approval for Demolition

The first port of call with a potential knockdown and rebuild project is to find out if your home can be knocked down. As a part of our service, we can find out if your home is eligible to be demolished and rebuilt.

In some parts of Sydney, homes (such as heritage homes) cannot be significantly altered(*3). In the case where your home cannot be demolished, we can help you to utilise and enhance the spaces in your home through high-quality renovations and extensions.

Step 2: Tests, Surveys and Consultations

Soil tests and surveys will also need to be completed. It is important to either organise these yourself as early in the process as possible or get your builder to include these in their quote. Another point to note is that depending on the results of the soil tests and surveys, your quote may need to be amended. The more information you can provide to your builder or allow them to obtain, the better. This is why we do thorough research before providing a final quote.

Soil tests are particularly important for rebuilds. This is because your soil may have been suitable for your current timber home but may need work to improve its ‘reactivity’ to cope with a much heavier modern home(*4).

Pre-Construction Agreement

Talk to your builder about a pre-construction agreement. In this agreement, your builder will organise all necessary surveys, tests, and consultations as well as a comprehensive project plan and quote. Our pre-construction agreements are incredibly thorough, are non-binding and obligation-free.

Step 3: Comprehensive Quote

With all the information required for your knockdown and rebuild project on hand, we can put together a detailed cost plan. Everything is included, from moving services and driveways to when you will need to let us know your final colour choices and finishes.

Unparalleled Service and Quality Workmanship

Our clients are highly valued and respected. For homeowners that want unparalleled service and quality workmanship, look no further. Speak with the trusted builders at Managed Build today.

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With our support, you can choose the right renovation, rebuild or extension for your home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Our collaborative teamwork will provide quality, planning and perfection.

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