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View Pictures of Houses Under Construction and the Final Results

Get inspired by the best quality home builders in Sydney! Explore our gallery for photos of projects we have previously worked on and to find out what we are currently building. We regularly add pictures of new projects, the different stages of the house building process and many other interesting aspects of construction. Follow our process as we work on homes under construction, renovations, extensions and see the final results. Scroll down to find the images in the Managed Build gallery.

On this page, we also provide additional information on building custom homes. If you have questions or want to discuss your project, you are welcome to contact us. Scroll to the bottom of the gallery for more information on our processes.

Photo Collection sharing different stages of a managed build

The Best Quality Home Builders in Sydney

We build elegant family homes that stand the test of time. Across Sydney, our builds stand out as being stylish, smart and of exceptionally high quality. We dedicate time and resources to every client by efficiently managing our projects.

A Quality Driven Construction Process

As the lead builder and project manager on your home construction, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We want you to be completely blown away upon seeing your dream design turned into a reality. That is why:

• All our processes are quality driven including a final Managed Build quality report we conduct on your property before handover.
• Our skills are regularly upgraded through professional development and further training.
• We welcome feedback from our clients.
• Your site is always supervised while under construction.
• All materials and resources are sourced, ordered, and delivered at the appropriate times.
• All products and work are checked to ensure high-quality is consistent from the beginning to the end of the project.

Tried and True vs Innovative?

Why choose one or the other? Our methods are tried and true while also being innovative. Over the decades, where older techniques have become out-dated or no longer useful, we have developed more efficient ways of doing things. By combining age-old techniques with modern innovations and technologies, we can offer our customers the best in building methods and project management.

We Construct Custom Architectural Homes

Building from a custom plan is a task some builders walk away from however we thoroughly enjoy building bespoke homes. Custom homes usually take more skill, thought and time than a standard ‘off the plan’ design. Rather than focusing only on the quickest way to build a house, irrespective of the quality of the final result, we combine efficiency with exceptional workmanship. That way, you get a prestigious home that is built to last in good time – and we can be proud of our work.

With over 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial building, you can feel confident knowing that we:

• Have the unique skills to complete your project (no matter how complex it is).
• Uphold professionalism, cleanliness, and respect on the site.
• Will treat your home with care and respect.
• Provide our customers with exceptional, unparalleled service.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your next project!

 Your Trusted Custom Home Builder

It takes teams of multi-skilled people to turn your dream design into reality. From architects, town planners to engineers – we pride ourselves on the relationships we have and continue to build in the industry.

Do you Have Photos of a Managed Build Project?

As we rarely get to see our builds and renovations furnished and decorated, we love seeing your updated pictures! Feel free to send them through to info@managedbuild.com.au



With our support, you can choose the right home extensions for your house in Coogee. We would help you select the right products with correct textures and aesthetic features for you home. Our collaborative teamwork will provide an exemplar reflection of your personal taste with quality and perfection