Split Level Homes for Sloping, Unusually Shaped and Small Blocks

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You have found a block of land that you have fallen in love with. It has gorgeous views, incredible elevation, and plenty of natural light. The only problem is, it is on a sloping block and you are worried that your builder will charge a small fortune for excavation and levelling. Sloping blocks are not a problem and actually provide incredible opportunities for building stunning split-level homes. Regarding your budget, a split-level home requires less levelling and can work out to be better value. You get unrestricted views and light – and your dream home. With the right builder, anything is possible!

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Bespoke Split-Level Home Solutions
Ideal for: Sloping, unusually shaped and small blocks

Gradients small and large are opportunities to build charming, modern homes. Additionally, split-level homes can be built:

• On unusually shaped plots of land.
• Around key natural elements – such as one of Sydney’s ancient Norfolk pines(*1).

Small parcels of land also benefit from sunken levels because they allow you to fully utilise the space. Your home can be built to step through the space – providing functionality and intrigue along the way.

Flexible Living Spaces with Split-Levels

Providing the entire family with options where they can retire to for study, hobbies, or entertaining increases the home’s:
• Functionality.
• Liveability.
• Value.

Studies reveal that homes with more living spaces increase wellbeing and home satisfaction(*2,3). Sunken levels give the illusion of being in a separate area without having to erect walls. This is an ideal option for those wanting multiple living spaces in open-plan designs.

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Quality Builds and Value for Money

When we take on a project, we work to provide quality in everything we do. Everything is done right, and we do not cut corners. All inspections and approvals are completed – and we also conduct an in-house quality report before we leave the site. You will not need to call us in six months-time to do repairs because we do it right the first time. Because of this, our work provides the best value for money.

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Supervised Jobs

We believe in full-time site supervision. When comparing building quotes, make sure that you are comparing ‘apples for apples’. Ensure every builder is providing the same level of service, including full-time supervision on site.

Any building project has many moving parts and if no-one is overseeing it, things can be missed, and the results – catastrophic. Often these consequences may not present themselves until long after the builder is gone, or worse – when the statutory warranty has run out. Just one of the many reasons to ensure you’re choosing a high-quality builder upfront. 

We service all of Sydney including Maroubra, the Eastern Suburbs, and the Inner West.

Interior Modern Split Level Single Storey Home Builder. Your Trusted Builders in Sydney.

Our Commitment to You

Looking to build a new home or wanting to knock down and rebuild? We are experts in our field. Through strict management and site supervision, we ensure every step of your build is carried out correctly from start to finish. We are perfectionists and it shows in the end result.

We are clean, efficient and ensure our projects are completed to the highest standards in the shortest time possible. We also monitor every aspect of the project. If we think there is a better way of doing something design-wise or other, we will always let you know. We work with you to achieve something you will love.

Talk to us about unique split-levels homes to suit your land and your personal aesthetics.



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