Sydney’s New Bespoke Homes: Building Trends in Petersham & Haberfield

Bespoke builders Sydney, Building a New Home in Sydney, Petersham and Haberfield. We Reveal New House Design Trends and Influences

Builders Reveal New House Design Trends and What is Influencing Them

In the inner West from Petersham to Haberfield, and across Sydney, homeowners are moving towards more bespoke, custom homes than ever before. What is influencing this trend in building and design? Our builders reveal what features have become essential when building new and renovating.

Read on to learn about bespoke home design and why more people are choosing custom for their new homes and renovations.

Building a New Bespoke Home in Sydney?

Bespoke builders Sydney interiors, Building a New Home in Sydney, Petersham and Haberfield.

Bespoke homes are highly sought after, particularly in Petersham and Haberfield where art deco meets modern minimalistic(*1). In addition to building new, Australians have been busy renovating over the past 18 months. On average, NSW residents have been spending $66, 609 on home renovations(*2).

Custom Home Trends

Bespoke homes are all about custom floorplans, functional house features and unique quality finishes. What one person may deem ideal for their floorplan or house features often differs from the next person. This is why building bespoke homes are always interesting.

What are the Most Common Trends in Custom-Built Homes?

Bespoke builders Sydney, Building a New Home in Sydney, Petersham and Haberfield.

Here are the top five common trends in Sydney and across Australia.

  1. Multi-functional spaces allow each family member to have their own space within the household.
  2. Larger office areas. Whether office spaces are expanded, or additional nooks are built. Professionals and families are looking for more office and study space at home(*3).
  3. Environmentally friendly features that save money and the environment. As people spend more time at home, eco-friendly options such as solar, passive cooling and heating, insulation, and daylighting are higher on the must-have
  4. Future-proofed materials. Custom-made Australian materials are in huge demand because of their longer lifespans and suitability to our climate.
  5. Mindful textures and tones. Bringing the outside in using materials that introduce textures and natural colours are hugely popular.

What is Influencing Residential Building Trends?

The biggest influencer on residential building trends now is COVID-19. Australians have responded by building new homes that are more:

• Functional.
• Relaxing.
• Spacious.

Managed Build follow all COVID-19 and building health and safety regulations to keep you and our team safe on and off the construction site.

How is Managed Build Keeping up With Projects During the Pandemic?

Sydney locals have adapted incredibly well to lockdowns, social distancing and changing how we interact with each other. At Managed Build, we have also made changes to ensure our clients continue to receive the best service.

Whether our team are on-site or working from home, we are always ready to start planning and building your brand-new bespoke home.

When a lockdown prevents us from being on-site, we are busy progressing projects from our office desks. From meetings with clients (in-person and online) to logistics planning for upcoming projects and ordering supplies – we are always working on delivering exceptional results.

Are you ready to start planning and building your new bespoke home? Get in contact with Managed Build.

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