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From Kingsford to the CBD, we build duplexes, townhouses, and dual occupancy homes. We also do knockdowns and rebuilds (KDR)! If you have been searching for ‘efficient, certified, and first-class house builders near me’, you are in the right place. Located near Bangor Park in Coogee, we are perfectly situated to service all clients across the eastern suburbs and inner west of Sydney.

Build Your Duplex with Master Builders

Not only do you get the highest-quality builds when partnering with us, but you are also taken care of by genuine people who:

• Work with you to achieve your project goals.
• Understand that a duplex may be an investment, thus you need it built as efficiently as possible – without compromising quality.
• Will take the stress out of project planning, logistics and risk management.
• Have extensive knowledge of building.
• Can provide you with ingenious ideas to help you build the right type of home for your needs.

Why Do People Build Duplexes?

As Investments

The most common reason duplexes (and townhouses) are built are for investments(*2). A couple wanting to pay off their mortgage faster may opt to invest in a duplex to generate income. Rather than building one house on a block, duplexes provide investors with two rental incomes. Students, young professionals, and small families wanting a more affordable rental option often look to duplexes. In built-up neighbourhoods, duplexes double the number of people who can live close to amenities, work, and schools(*3).

Interior of New Duplex Home, Knockdown Rebuild Duplex Home Builders Near me, Duplex House Builders.

Duplex, Townhouse, Granny Flat and Dual Occupancy House Builders

During your research on duplexes, you are likely going to stumble upon townhouses, granny flats and dual occupancies. All of these housing types are similar but there are key points of difference between them.


Duplexes are two separate homes built on the same block – under the same roof. They are completely separate homes that only share one central dividing wall(*1).


The key difference between a duplex and a townhouse is height. Townhouses usually have multiple storeys. You may also be able to fit more than two townhouses on a block.

Granny Flats:

Granny flats are similar to duplexes; however they can be stand-alone dwellings. The flat may be built at the back of the property or attached to the main house.

Dual Occupancies:

Dual occupancies share a main central wall which includes a lockable door connecting the two homes. The door (as opposed to the wall in a duplex) makes it easy for the home to be integrated back together later should the need arise. This is often a popular choice for families caring for older family members who are still wanting to maintain their independence.

Knockdown Rebuild House Purchased for Duplex Home Builders Near me, Duplex House Builders. Sydney NSW Australia
Knockdown Rebuild House for Duplex Home Builders Near me, Sydney NSW Australia
Housed Demolished to rebuild the new Duplex home, House Builders Near me, Sydney NSW Australia

Knockdowns and Rebuilds

If you like where you live but have outgrown your house, doing a complete or partial knockdown and rebuild may be a solution. We can provide you with a comprehensive quote on a potential knockdown and rebuild. Time is taken to calculate all your potential costs, including demolishing, surveying, council approvals and the new build. You can weigh up every element of the project down to the number of bricks that will be needed. If you are comparing quotes from multiple builders, be sure they are covering absolutely everything.

Start building your investment property or home addition today with the trusted professionals at Managed Build.

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