Our Process

Step 1 Contact us by phone or email so we can discuss your requirements.

Step 2 Send us plans if you have them so we can discuss options that best suit the job & your needs.

Step 3 We can organise a site meeting to further discuss your requirements & the best pricing model to provide the best value solution.

Step 4 We generate a proper cost plan & detailed budget, we recommend this to all our clients, for a small cost this provides accurate budgets & captures any design or cost issues saving cost blow outs.& is obligation free, even if you change your mind the professional cost plan is yours to keep, so if you do decide to do it yourself or decide on another builder you will have a professional & accurate cost plan to ensure you understand the works required & don’t overpay, this is invaluable, & keeps the subcontractors honest when they see you know your stuff.

Step 5 We sit down with you & go through the cost plan in detail, we then look into value engineering & can adjust the cost plan to suit, we can review materials, methodology & finishes & adjust the costs & set a budget that works for you.

Step 6 If you are happy with the price & contract model, we provide you with a detailed construction program showing real build time & identifying key dates to assist you in the process, such as when we need finishes chosen or approvals organised.

Step 7 We organise any approvals if required & start the building process.

Step 8 We complete the build & obtain any outstanding approvals & or inspections.

Step 9 We conduct our own quality report & address any defects or items that need completion.

Step 10 We close the project out & ensure you are happy with the outcome.