The Managed Build Process (In 10 Easy Steps)

New Home Building Checklist: Step-by-Step House Building Process

Step 1: Contact

Contact us by phone or email so we can discuss your requirements. Phone: 0414 449 422 Email: info@managedbuild.com.au

Step 2: Plans

Send us plans (if you have them) so we can discuss options that best suit the job and your needs.

Step 3: Site Meeting

We can organise a site meeting to further discuss your requirements and the best pricing model to provide the best value solution.

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Step 4: Professional Cost Plan and Detailed Budget

We generate a proper cost plan and detailed budget which is recommended to all our clients. For the estimated fee, this detailed report provides accurate budgets and captures any design or cost issues ahead of time, saving cost blowouts.

This cost plan and detailed budget is obligation-free. Even if you change your mind, the professional plan is yours to keep once paid for. If you decide to do it yourself or choose another builder you will have a professional and accurate cost plan to ensure you understand the works required (and don’t overpay). This is invaluable and it keeps the subcontractors honest when they see you know your stuff.

Step 5: Cost and Project Plan Review

We sit down with you and go through the cost plan in detail. We then look into value engineering and can adjust the cost plan to suit. We can review materials, methodology and finishes which allows us to adjust the costs and set a budget that works for you. This is like a pre-construction services agreement (PCSA). Learn about PCSAs.

Step 6: Detailed Construction Program (Schedule)

If you are happy with the price and contract model, we provide you with a detailed construction program. This program details the real build time and provides key dates to assist you in the process, such as when we need finishes chosen or approvals organised.

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Step 7: Approvals and Building

We organise any approvals required and start the building process.

Step 8: Building and Final Approvals and Inspections

We complete the build and organise any outstanding approvals or inspections.

Step 9: Quality Report

We conduct our own quality report and address any defects or items that need completion.

Step 10: Build Complete and Customer Satisfaction

We close the project out and ensure you are happy with the outcome. Welcome to your new home!

Where Are You Up to on Your New Home Building Process?

Give us a call to discuss your project or email your documents through for us to take a look at. We can manage everything from design to the final touches. So, no matter where you are up to with your new house, Managed Build can help.

Call Rob: 0414 499 422 > Email your documents to info@managedbuild.com.au

Not Sure What Builder to Choose?

We know we are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to give our client’s renovations, extensions, and new builds they deserve. However, you may not know that (you do now). If you are currently researching which builders to choose for your build, we invite you to get to know us on our About Us page. You are also more than welcome to call or email us with any questions you have.

Managed Build Home Building Process, Step by step process of building a Custom Modern House

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