What’s First? Choosing an Architect or Custom Home Builder?

Choosing a Custom home builder before the architect, how to choose and select the right home builder.

Why and How to Choose the Right Builder?

What to Consider When Selecting a Home Builder

What is first – choosing a custom home builder or an architect? How do you choose the right home builder? A lot goes into building a custom home – from selecting the style, and facades, to the fixtures. You may be wondering where to start. Once your budget is clear, selecting a home builder will be next. Why? Because your builder will be key to:

• Keeping your build within your budget – from design to handover.
• Ensuring architectural plans can be built within your budget.

Getting your builder on board early could save you thousands in architectural plans you may not be able to use.

• Maintaining the vision of your home.
• Solving any pre-build, on-site or supplier issues.

Tip: The benefits for builders with experience in design and construction are two-fold. They can assist with design elements and detailing and will follow your vision through to the build.

How to Stick to Your Home Construction Budget

Australia continues to face huge demands for construction materials. Besides having the skills to build quality homes from plans, builders are managing these shortages and evolving prices every day(*1,2). Your builder will be imperative when it comes to:

• Advising what materials may be delayed in arriving.
• Current pricing.
• Alternative options for materials (that may be more economical).

Get More Out of Architectural Designs

Choosing a Custom home builder before the architect

Getting architectural plans drawn up first could result in the building quote obliterating your budget. This can be heartbreaking especially after parting with a sizeable portion of your budget for the designs(*3). How do you navigate building costs and architectural plans so you get a home you adore within your budget?

Utilise Your Builder’s Design and Construction Experience

To get more out of architectural designs, engage an experienced design and construct builder first. With your vision in mind, have them collaborate with your architect or designer. Their knowledge and experience in design, construction, and current costs will complement your architect’s expertise in bespoke residential design. There will also be fewer variations needed down the track(*4). This way you will get a beautiful architectural home (without blowing the budget).

Tip: Your builder may recommend an architect who would be perfect for your particular project.

Seamless Project Management > How to Enjoy the Building Process

The original brief and inspiration for your home can quickly become muddied when designers, consultants, architects, and drafters are overloading you with information. This is a common issue, especially if it is the first time you are managing a major construction.

To avoid this – and to ensure you enjoy the building process, engage your builder as your project manager from the beginning. They will be the liaison between you and everyone else, and you will only need to be in contact with one person. Should any issues arise on-site or with suppliers, your project manager (builder) will manage them immediately. This will free you up from taking calls at work and having to attend the site during work and personal hours. Enjoy the building process free from stress and frustrations.

Why Partner With Managed Build?

Managed Build Contstruction Renovation Master Logo, Best Home Builders in Sydney

Your builder should not only be skilled in design, construction, and project management. They should also be someone who respects you and your vision(*5).

As experienced and highly skilled custom home builders, Managed Build delivers when no one else can. Turn your dream home into reality with the team who makes the impossible possible.

“We take pride in being trusted to provide personalised service and professional management and construction of our client’s biggest investments – their homes.”

Partner with Sydney’s premier design and construct builders, Managed Build.




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