Luxury New Home Builders in NSW Facing High Building Costs!

Trustworthy Builders Building a New Home in Sydney NSW, Best Luxury Good Home Builders. How to Get Good Quality Materials

How to Get Good Quality Materials From the Best, Most Trustworthy Builders in Sydney

The demand for supplies for homes has gone through the roof in NSW’s residential building sector. New home builders are facing extraordinarily high building costs. Managed Build, Sydney’s premier luxury home builders are working with clients to ensure they get good quality materials for the best prices in the current market. When building a new home, you must have trustworthy builders you can rely on for transparency and guarantees.

Read on to learn how rising prices are impacting builders and homeowners – and how Managed Build can help.

How Much Have Building Costs Increased?

Residential construction costs have been consistently increasing for over two years(*1,2).

In just 12 months, construction costs have risen 3.6%!(*3). That is an extra $11,520 for the average new home build(*4).

According to the ABS(*5):

• Almost half of the residential builds are costing more than what was expected at the time of approval.
• The most common types of dwellings attracting higher final costs are townhouses and apartments.

Demand for Qualified and Trustworthy Builders

Demand for qualified and trustworthy builders has increased. In an industry facing high costs, supply shortages and high demands, it can be difficult to find an experienced builder not already booked out. The team at Managed Build recommend contacting your builder as early as possible to start the pre-construction process.

Contributing Factors to the Housing Demand

Trustworthy Builders Managing Supply Demand in Sydney.. How to Get Good Quality Materials when costs are rising

1. Council approvals

New home builds and residential renovations are being approved at one of the highest rates in Sydney’s history(*1,2).

2. Supplies being sent overseas

One of the contributing factors to the shortage of supplies was the amount of pine being shipped to China(*6). In late 2020, China banned Australian timber imports however many logs are still being exported to other countries(*7). Timber supplies for Australian construction is still lagging.

3. Skills Shortage

The industry is running low on qualified and experienced builders to undertake the influx of new work(*8). Managed Build is one of the few building companies that can work with exceptional efficiency without compromising the quality of work. This is thanks to the team’s years of experience working on complex projects.

4. Bottlenecked Supply Lines

There has been a bottleneck in supply distribution which is having a domino effect on(*8):

• Project timelines.
• Scheduling of tradespeople.
• Delivery of supplies.

Why is the Housing Demand Continuing?

Although construction costs have risen, so have house values and new home approval rates(*1,2). Furthermore, with an overloaded rental market, renters are looking to buy and take advantage of government rebates for first-home owners(*9).

Less than 1% of rental houses are available for rent(*10). Renters are looking to build rather than buy.

Costs Are Up – So, What Does This Mean for Building a New Home?

Builders are under immense pressure to deliver luxury, high-quality homes in record time. With building costs up, the most important thing for new home buyers to understand is:

• It may more for a new home than a couple of years ago.
• There is a chance that a shortage of some materials may cause delays
• Allocation of additional funds in case of delays may be required.

When pre-construction plans are being prepared, every single detail of the build is accounted for in advance. As a result, if an order for supplies does not arrive on time, every trade scheduled to arrive after that delivery is impacted. The flow-on effect across the industry is incredible.

How to Get the Best Quality Materials for Good Prices for Your New Home

Best Home Builders in Sydney Process. How to Get Good Quality Materials when costs are rising in Sydney

Partner with an experienced, trustworthy builder who can guide you through the building process. An experienced builder who can help you with everything from concept, build and final touches can give you an invaluable advantage.

A builder who has strong relationships with suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants can save you time and money.

Who Are the Most Trustworthy Home Builders in Sydney?

For complete transparency, always turn to Managed Build for new home constructions and renovations. High-quality materials, excellent workmanship and good communication with clients are what Managed Build aims to deliver on every project.

Contact Sydney’s most trustworthy and reliable home builders at Managed Build.

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