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Inner West Builders in Sydney Need to be Mindful of; Noise, Logistics, Waste, Regulations and Permits During Builds & Extensions

There are many upsides to living in Sydney’s vibrant inner-west. From easy access to fine-dining restaurants, upscale bars, and transport, to the fact that your property value will likely continue to increase. But, building, renovating and extensions in city areas come with unique challenges.

• How do you manage noise, logistics and waste in built-up areas?
• What regulations must be followed?
• Are there any Council permits required for building in the city?

Discover why it is important to find builders who are specialists in building in the inner-west and inner-city areas.

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Building in Sydney’s Inner-West

Sydney is a bustling, highly populated city. In fact, Sydney’s total population is 5,312,163(*1) and growing. In the inner-west, there are approximately 57 people per hectare(*2). In many parts of the country, a family will not buy a house on less than half a hectare because of the land-to-building ratio (*3). So, imagine 57 people sharing that space!? What does this all mean? Builders must be mindful of neighbours, street access, traffic build-up and using the most appropriate materials to ensure your home is comfortable.

1. Builder’s Noise and Soundproofing Your Home

Homes are being built on smaller and smaller plots of land – often in close proximity to one another. For example, terrace and townhouses are popular space-saving housing solutions(*4). Experienced builders know how to work with single and multi-story terraces on small plots. They will know how to keep noise to a minimum during the demolition, Clean up and building process. They will also know what the best soundproofing options are.

Get your builder’s advice on soundproofing: The last thing you want is to move in only to discover you can hear everything through the adjoining walls!

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2. Tight Spaces Require Clever Site Management

There is nothing worse than facing hold-ups during your build because of an unforeseen issue. The other side of the coin is being the cause of a hold-up. Carefully managing when deliveries arrive can prevent traffic hold-ups. All builders on site must be well trained and supervised. From manoeuvring large equipment into small spaces, keeping the site clean and utilising recycling services. It all comes down to clever (and experienced site management).

3. Knowledge is Power – Council Rules, Regulations and Permits

Councils often have specific rules and regulations when it comes to inner-city builds. If you are new to the scene, this can be confusing when planning your dream home. A specialist city builder will have existing knowledge of regulations, and contacts within the council to approach for permits.

An experienced builder will know the following:

• Some areas do not allow any modifications to the home’s exterior.
• Others may sign off on a demolish and rebuild project without an issue.

When you are working with the right builder, they will be able to make you aware of any restrictions from the start and suggest alternatives.

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4. Love Thy Neighbour

When working on a small plot of land in the inner-west, there will always be some impact on the neighbours. An experienced builder will work mindfully and respectfully, ensuring minimal noise and disruption. They will be on hand to answer any questions from neighbours, ensuring your relationship kicks off to a great start.

5. Logistics and Systems

Crafting a city home takes expertise. Years of experience are invaluable when selecting your builder. Reputable inner-west builders will already have the right systems and equipment in place to ensure your project runs smoothly.

The logistics when building in the city are quite different from projects on large plots of land. Many inner-city suburbs have tight laneways and limited rear access, making it harder to get large vehicles and equipment in. An experienced specialist will know just how to deal with these situations and will arrange permits for situations where you may need to stop traffic or get a crane into place.

For experienced inner-west builders such as the team from Managed Build, building under city conditions is their bread and butter. This means they can keep you informed from the beginning, helping you budget for any specialist equipment from the start and keeping costs down by suggesting alternatives.

To discuss plans for your inner-west build, renovations, or extensions, get in touch with the specialist builders at Managed Build today.



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