Medi Build Pty Ltd T/A Managed Build is a Building company located in Coogee NSW. We are fully licenced and insured.

You are welcome to view our licence on the Fair Trading web site, Licence number 322610c. We provide workers compensation and contractors insurance including public liability. The companies management has over 40 years of combined building industry experience  . We have worked on many varying types of projects, both large and small, from iconic public venues, to most major shopping centers nationally working for the landlord and lessee .

Having worked both in the private sector and also spending a vast amount of time working for some of the most prestigious building companies in Sydney, we believe this vast diversity of experience provides Managed Build with an advantage to many other building companies, and ensures the most current methodology is utilised. Our commercial experience provides an advantage in understanding risk and cost management, safety management, quality management, program and timing management and a greater understanding of the Sydney Subcontractor market.

Our Core Values

One can determine the worth of any company based on their core values. At Managed Build, our core values include:

  • Ensuring honesty and transparency
  • Striving for complete client satisfaction
  • Upholding client confidentiality
  • Adhering to strict project management
  • Fostering community
  • Maintaining good working relationships with integrity
  • Updated and proficient safety requirements

We are committed to honesty and transparency. We believe it’s how we can create lasting bonds within the building industry. Our connections to our clients and other businesses allow us to provide the best service possible.

We believe that client satisfaction is paramount to our success. Quality at a reasonable rate is what we strive to achieve. The client’s best interests are what drives our decision process.

We maintain that a client’s privacy and confidentiality is not negotiable. We are open with our clients and keep them informed throughout the whole process. We want everyone who works with us to feel comfortable with the project. We pride ourselves on being flexible with our ability to problem solve any issue that arises by working collaboratively with our clients. 

We implement a strict management process during any project. This is especially when working in a built, sensitive or live environment. A large part of this process is the strict selection, vetting, and management of subcontractors. Our contractors are the best of the best. We will work tirelessly to ensure the successful completion of your project.

We ensure strict compliance with building codes. We also strive to maintain good working relationships with all consultants, designers and approval authorities. Maintaining our good standing with other professionals is part of our dedication to running a business with integrity. We also, of course, want to keep everyone safe while working to achieve the best results possible.

Company Profile

ManagedBuild pty ltd (ABN 81615906379) is an Australian construction company located in Coogee. We are a fully licenced Building company that provides building & management services is the Sydney area. Insurance details and certificates of currency will be provided on request.

Name: ManagedBuild Pty Ltd
ABN: 81615906379
Builders Licence: 322610c
Managing Director: Rob Meddich
Head of Projects: Trent Zantuck[/vc_column_text]