Home Extensions Builders in Bronte

Managed Build are leading builders in the Bronte area. We are a leading boutique design and construction management service company. We take immense pride in offering you a stress-free experience, process transparency and quality work including design, construction and delivery. We cater to both new projects as well as renovation & extensions work ensuring a smooth transition throughout each stage of the project.

A one-stop shop!

We can truly be regarded as a one-stop-shop for all your project needs and requirements.

You can come to us if you are a discerning person who wants perfection without compromise. We provide you with the very best quality of consultation and construction. We provide a competitive pricing structure ensuring our clients with the best deal from an overall perspective.

We are fully committed to providing the very best to our clients. We deliver Home Renovations & Extensions that are customised in the best way possible and aspire to provide you with the best stress-free renovation projects in Bronte.

At Managed Build we also provide the best competitive pricing and quality construction for home renovation projects customised to your needs.

A service-driven company

We are a service-driven company that can take care of all the renovation and construction work for you.

As one of the leading builders in Bronte we cater to all kinds of clients such as the following:

  • Professional couples
  • Families
  • Empty nesters
  • People who hold substantial amounts of land – these are the ones who are looking to divide their property into smaller fragments

Taking care of all stages of the project

Managed Build ensures taking responsibility for all stages of a construction project on your behalf. Our expert professionals work together from the initial consultation stage, the design briefing and final handing over of your customised home.

With us, you can be sure that you would be able to save a lot of your precious time and money, while we take care of everything.

We are regarded as one of the leading builders in the Bronte region because our track record is a proven one. We know the kind of risks that may arise in construction work and are our professional team is well equipped to prevent them. We have a strong team of consultants who work towards making your luxury home a dream come true. On time and within your budget.